• What We Do

    High Forest Farms offers a glimpse into farm life, farm-based lodging, seasonal and special events, as well as an on-premise market / farm store on the way! Our mission is to create memorable experiences for our guests and to support our community by providing a healthy working environment and a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year.

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    Our Produce

    We have several varieties of blueberries growing on the farm, a few fruit trees (apples, peaches, and pears), a medicinal & culinary herb garden, a small vegetable garden, and more are on their way!

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    The farm is home to pasture raised chickens (Our Ladies), a black German Sheprador (Willow), a rescue cat (Puma), a rescue dog (Oliver), MacDaddy Catfish and friends (known to break a line). Adding more animal friends to the farm is on the horizon.

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    The Gardens

    The grounds of our farm are dotted with small vegetable gardens and herb gardens. Plans are being drawn up to build a tiny chapel there for an intimate wedding or a place of prayer, rest, or solitude.

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    The Greenhouse

    Our Greenhouse venue combines classic European conservatory elements with modern touches for an unforgettable event. With lush flora surrounding you, you can exchange vows or have an after-ceremony celebration with libations, dinner, and dancing. Translucent walls, string lights, and greenery adorn the Greenhouse.


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    Purple Martin Sanctuary

    At night, the Purple Martins take flight! Each summer the skies over High Forest Farms come to life as the Purple Martins arrive for their summer vacation. This sanctuary provides the ideal layover for Purple Martins as they make the long journey south to their winter home in South America.
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    We offer several accommodations, with plans to add more in the future. Check out the lodging page for more information.